The Animal Labour Union has received a contribution of €50,000 from the Barth-Misset Fonds (BMF) for the Cow Language in Focus project.

Speaking about the awarding of the project, the BMF said:

Scientific research by cow language researcher Cornips has so far resulted in twelve specific mooing sounds that cows make. Cornips has recorded these, described them and assigned meanings to them. The instructional videos that the Dutch Farmers’ Union for Animals will make based on these will become part of the Animal in a Sustainable Society course at Inholland University of Applied Sciences and will be made available to other courses and farmers (organisations).

The board of the Barth-Misset Fund appreciates that this very innovative project starts from animals as individuals and that the design cleverly takes into account the roll-out to other animals. The fund is supporting this project with €50,000.

We are very grateful to the BMF for this wonderful contribution.