Animal Labour Union

The Animal Labour Union represents animal workers in the animal industry. Animals who provide a product or service to their employer, who is (almost) always also their owner. Working animals that add (financial) value to the farm where they work and live. These include laying hens, dairy cows and fattening pigs. But bees, police dogs and riding horses are also working animals.


We aim to (recognise and) improve working conditions of working animals in commercial animal husbandry by granting (some form of) labour rights to working animals. Animals are living sentient beings and are quite capable of making their voices heard. You just have to listen to them. That is why we also work to improve communication between employer and employee.

Slapende biggen - Vakbond voor Dieren


Almost all working animals die an unnatural death. Sometimes because they are no longer able to do their job, like a riding horse. Sometimes because they produce too little, like cows that no longer give enough milk, or laying hens that are over the top of their production peak. In other cases, the death of the animal is necessary for the product itself. Broilers and fattening pigs only provide their employer with their final product at the slaughterhouse. The Animal Trade Union realises that this fact is still widely accepted in today’s society. This is not to say that we support it. We consider it a given (for now). As long as that is the case, we want the working period for the animal to be as good and natural as possible. That is why we do work with farmers and other animal keepers who have their working animals killed at some point. We also endorse the work of organisations striving for a plant-based society.


About Animal Labour Union

The Animal Labour Union represents the animal workers in animal husbandry. Animals that provide a product or service to their employer, who…


Working Animals

Animals that provide (financial) added value for their employer/owner are working animals. Working animals can be found everywhere.


Communication with Animals

Animals can communicate very well. Anyone who lives around animals knows this. They let you know if they are hungry, want to go outside or experience pain.


Legislation and Research

Animals are protected in various places in the law. The Animals Act sets requirements for the way in which different animal species may be kept.