Do you want to help or do you have questions?

Do you want to help or do you have questions?

The Animal Labour Union can be reached at

Our office in The Netherlands can be visited by appointment.

We cordially invite the press, scientists, farmers and other involved organisations to contact us with questions, suggestions, ideas and proposals for cooperation.

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About Animal Labour Union

The Animal Labour Union represents the animal workers in animal husbandry. Animals that provide a product or service to their employer, who…


Working Animals

Animals that provide (financial) added value for their employer/owner are working animals. Working animals can be found everywhere.


Communication with Animals

Animals can communicate very well. Anyone who lives around animals knows this. They let you know if they are hungry, want to go outside or experience pain.


Legislation and Research

Animals are protected in various places in the law. The Animals Act sets requirements for the way in which different animal species may be kept.