We are pleased and proud to announce that Michiel van Deursen has joined the board of the Animal Labour Union.

Van Deursen: “My mission as an investor has always been to get as many animals from supply chains as possible. Animals are not products but individuals, as anyone with a pet knows, and are entitled to enjoyment and happiness.

The Trade Union for Animals aims to represent the voice of the billions of animals already in the system.

For me, being involved on another level is a logical next step. Whenever I get the chance to make an animal’s life a little better, I am in.

By working with leading experts, governments, farmers, animal activists and anyone else who thinks these individuals deserve more, we can listen to the animals in the industry and give them a place at the negotiating table.

I am convinced that with the first-ever Trade Union for Animals, we can have a huge impact. On the welfare of working animals, but also to give them a voice and face and empower more people to see these animals as more than a product.”

The board now consists of Judith van Ooijen, Michiel van Deursen and Marjolein de Rooij.