The Animal Labour Union seeks recognition of a (some form of) labour rights for working animals. In doing so, we do nothing other than what traditional trade unions were once aimed at: striving for a fair balance of power between employer and employee in the workplace.

We are looking for volunteers for a minimum of 10 hours per week. Your main tasks will be:

Support in defining strategy, writing texts for the new website, inventory (international) research on animal labour rights, support and advise in defining labour rights in animal husbandry. Studying scientific research on animal behaviour, animal welfare and animal ethics and linking this to animal labour rights.

You are interested in this surprising way of looking at working animals, you like to sink your teeth into something, you like to read a lot of scientific research and you write easily and with pleasure. Of course, you find animal welfare an important topic.

In this position, you will work closely with the union’s founder and other stakeholders. You would like to be at the heart of this unique project.

For more information, contact Marjolein de Rooij at